Remembrance Day Events

11 November 2018

In common with many other towns and villages, the Parish Council has been supporting an event to be held on 11 November commemorating the end of the First World War. The Service of Remembrance will be held at the Cross as usual, and this year we also have an exhibition of WW1 memorabilia and will be providing a light lunch in the Q.E. Hall.

The mood at the end of WW1 was of course sombre, but there was also great rejoicing and it was felt by many at the time to be the start of “making a new world”. This is reflected by the second part of our event where we celebrate the end of the war with music and look forward to a better world.

We already have a large collection of WW1 memorabilia, but if you have anything you think could be displayed, please contact Anne Hughes on 734168.


10.45am          Muster at the Cross for an Act of Remembrance for the fallen of all wars and a two-minute silence

11.30am          Exhibition of WW1 memorabilia in Q.E. Hall Annex

11.30—2.30pmTea and Coffee.  Soup and ploughman’s lunch in Q.E. Hall

3.00–  4.30pmAbbey Gate Concert Band Q.E. Hall

5pm                 Exhibition closes.


Lighting the WW1 “Beacon of Light”

6.25pm            Our Church bells ring out, joining others throughout the country

7pm                 National Beacon lighting at the Cross

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Lighting candles to symbolise the future and a better world

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