Parish Council

Layer de la Haye Parish Council is the first of the three tiers of local government which comprise – Parish (and Town) Councils, Borough and District Councils and County Councils. Each tier is run independently, controlled by its own set of democratically elected councillors. Parish Councils promote the interests of local people. Our Parish Councillors are volunteers who do not receive any payment (other than expenses) and offer their time voluntarily for the benefit of the community. We have nine Parish Councillors who stand for election every four years (the last election was 2017). We also employ a part-time Parish Clerk.

What do we do?

The Parish Council provides and maintains the playground, the playing field, the Cross and Malting Green. The Council manages and maintains public open spaces owned by the Parish and also maintains land leased to the Council including Heatherfields. The Parish Council ensures that local views are made known at Borough and County levels. The Parish Council is not a planning authority but it makes recommendations on local planning matters to Colchester Borough Council Planning Department. The Council responds to many consultation papers, and lobbies other bodies on important matters on behalf of the local community. Parish Councillors are also appointed to represent the Council on various local groups and organisations.

How it it all paid for?

The Parish Council is empowered to raise a Precept – a portion of Council Tax – through Colchester Borough Council to fund its activities. The Precept is collected by the Borough on behalf of the Parish Council. Details of the amounts charged for each Council Tax band are itemised on your Council Tax Bill.

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