Roadworks between February and May

Information about road closures coming up soon:

It’s a bit confusing but there seem to be two sets of works.

The first is by BT who are building a new “carriageway joint box” in Abberton Road on the way to Abberton near the one way bridge. This will take place between 28th February and 22nd March and will mean the road from Layer to Abberton will be closed for at least part of that time.

The second closure is for surface dressing and involves Malting Green Road, The Folley, Bounstead Road and possibly Fields Farm Road. This will take place between 28th April and 4th May and will mean that traffic will be diverted via the High Road and other roads depending on what order they do the work in.

This surface dressing work has been scheduled before but didn’t actually happen, so could presumably change again.

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