Easter  2020

I am writing this and watching a blackbird bathing in a tub outside my window, not a care in the world – so unlike all of us. What glorious weather we are finally having, and I hope you are enjoying the sunshine in your gardens and on your walks, seeing the blossom appearing in all its splendour.

This is such a traumatic time we are going through and so many people I speak to are really worried and frightened, and missing the comfort of their families. And I also worry that we may have overlooked someone in the Village who needs help, so please tell me if there is someone you are concerned about, as we can get help and support to them. The Village Volunteers have now been issued with a pass to show when they are out and about on their missions for people.

We have just had a really good piece of news: our Village Hall has been given a generous sum of money by Colchester Borough Council, which will go some way to ease their financial problems. Thank you to our Borough Councillors for that.

As well as bringing out the best in people, a situation like this can bring out the worst as well: there have been some new online scams going around so please be careful when opening attachments on your computer.

I have also had complaints of people dumping their dog poo bags, either by the paths or by full dog-bins. It is really disgusting making someone else pick them up and dispose of them – especially now. If a dog-bin is full, please take your dog bags home with you.

I must end by repeating the pleas you will all have heard: obey the social distancing laws. These are fundamental to saving lives. I know everyone is desperate to see family and friends again, and probably more so with the Easter weekend coming – but please, please do not go out unless it is for one of the four reasons everyone should know by now.

Stay at Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives


Best wishes to you for Easter, the strangest I hope I will ever have.


Anne Hughes

Parish Council Chairman


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