Update for April 22

Another week and somehow we are surviving…

I am worrying about reports of lads making a fire in Heatherfields woods. We had some incidents of this last year but it’s very early in the season for it to be happening again. Please make sure it’s not one of your children doing this. It’s always serious, but especially now when the Emergency Services are so stretched.

But there is some really good news too. Various village volunteers are baking hard, making food for the hospital staff, the Police, Abberton Manor, Paramedics, and more. The bus shelter now has a food bank – please use this if you need to, and anything you can donate would be appreciated I’m sure. The organisers were able to contribute some items to the Colchester food bank recently.

There are even more books and puzzles in the telephone box, to be swapped or borrowed. Thank you to everyone who donates to this.

On more traditional Parish Council business, many people have told me about the things like telegraph poles that are appearing around the Village. Before you shout at me, there would appear to be very little we can do. Relatively recent planning law changes have made it easier for broadband and mobile phone suppliers to have permitted development rights for things like this and these poles have been put in by a company called County Broadband. If one appears on your land you can make a fuss – or you can choose to collect the wayleave money. Please keep complaining to Colchester Borough Council if a pole seems to have been put in a really stupid place (like in the middle of an oak tree).


Anne Hughes

Chairman, Layer de la Haye Parish Council

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