VE Day – Friday 8th May

All the Parish Council plans to celebrate and commemorate VE 75 have now had to be veday-75-logoshelved because of the Government’s extended lock down. We know some residents have come up with their own ideas, which is great, and the Pageantmaster for state occasions has come up with the suggestions below. Hopefully, one way or another, everyone will remember this important anniversary.

2.55pm: The playing of the Last Post

If anyone who can play a brass instrument, please play the Last Post from the safety of your garden, or outside your front door. A loud recording would do as well.

3pm: Pipers and music

Thousands of pipers around the world will play “Battle’s O’er”, a traditional air performed on the bagpipes at the end of a battle, and “VE Day 75”, a tune specially composed for this event. This is a stirring march, and as with playing the last Post, have a try and play this, or play recordings of the stirring marches from your front or back garden.

(See and

It is extremely important to abide by the Government’s restrictions, so bands will not be able to play together and individual pipers should not perform in areas that might attract people.

3pm: The Nations Toast to the Heroes of WW2

At the same time as the pipers and music, raise your glass and say: “For those that gave so much, we thank you”.

6.55pm: Cry for Peace around the World

This was read out at the evening celebration of the end of WW1, when we were standing at The Cross. You can download this at

7pm: Ringing out for Peace

Sadly the Bells will not be rung.

When this terrible crisis has passed, we will be able to gather to remember not only those who sacrificed so much during WW2 but loved ones who lost their lives during this terrible pandemic.

But for now, let us stay safe.




On Saturday 9 May at 6pm, could we raise a glass to all those courageous front line workers who are putting their lives at risk during this pandemic

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