The following is some information sent to the Parish Council from The Essex Association of Local Councils (EALC) in case anyone needs to perform CPR during the crisis.

This is a video for anyone who finds themselves having to perform CPR/Defibrillation in an out of hospital setting during the current climate. It has been supplied to EALC by AJS First Aid Training Services:

In summary, you should use the following guide lines:-
• Wear gloves
• As shown, use a towel or similar to place over nose and mouth – when carrying out chest compressions air is released through the nose and mouth in droplet form, thus possible spread of infection
• Check danger, make sure area is safe to proceed
• Do not check air way or breathing
• Shake shoulders in normal manner
• Ask “are you alright?”
• If no response, call 999 and inform the service of what is taking place and that the patient may have Covid-19 if you suspect so.

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