Update for May 5

I am beginning to feel that there does seem some light at the end of this long tunnel, so please be patient and keep on observing the rules about social distancing and only going out where strictly necessary. I have just spoken to an ITCU Nurse and she was telling me how they were all under so much pressure in the hospital with so many staff off sick, and of course you can’t train new Nurses overnight to take on the nursing of Covid victims. I felt quite emotional, and even more determined that we should obey the lockdown rules.

I keep getting reports of people breaking the rules; please, please don’t. Freedom will come soon, and in the long scheme of things 2-3 months is nothing in our lives. I know and understand it is extremely frustrating for the young but I am worried about the youths congregating in the Heatherfields woods by the big Oak Tree. I am also worried by the tales of too many people getting together in each others’ gardens and I am worried about people congregating on the Recreation Field. Please don’t. I gather we will learn more about the Government’s plans next weekend, so until then please stick to the rules.

As many of you know, poles keep popping up around the Village. County Broadband are installing these and we now have a contact there and a map of where they plan to put them. If anyone is really worried about them get in touch with Richard Marriage on 734392 or me.

It’s V.E. day on Friday, and I wish you all well. I remember as a child dancing around the maypole, but it was all very puzzling as everyone seemed so happy. My Father didn’t come home for quite a few months as he was organising the German soldiers to bring in the Harvest. He used to be very proud of the fact that he had 1 million of them to organise, food being in such short supply.

We will remember them.

Anne Hughes.

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