Update for May 22

The Parish Council had its first Zoom meeting this month. It went really quite well, particularly after I had worked out how to turn the sound on.

Being ‘locked up’ at home is difficult for me as I don’t always know what is and isn’t happening in the Village. However ……

County Broadband poles and underground cabling

I have been told all about the Broadband poles. I have heard from many people what unsuitable places they are being put. It was a bit of a shock when we got the first calls, but then it went on and on. County Broadband held meetings in the Village last year and some residents signed up for their service, so not unnaturally they thought it would be worth their while to install their system. The Parish Council were not aware of their plans and it would appear they have what is called ‘permitted development rights’ granted by the Government which means they do not need planning permission. If only they had had the courtesy to inform us, we might have been able to have meaningful conversations and prevented so much discontent.  As a Parish Council we have complained, we have forwarded your emails on, and have tried to be of some help. All with our hands tied behind our back! Now it would be appear that the estate is being worked on. I gather the noise and dust is awful, we have complained, but they keep on working. I am so sorry for the horrid time so many of you are going through.

Parish Church

Just to confirm there is no telephone mast on top of the Church Tower. It might be nice if there was, since the income from it would help with the upkeep of the Church. Apparently it is too far from the centre of the Village to be any help for phone signals.

VE day

I gather there was much fun on VE day in the village. It was wonderful to look through the many photos that have been sent to me and see the amazing barbecues, picnics, bunting and everyone keeping their social distancing going. I understand too, that music and instruments were proudly being played in various gardens. I thought the Cross looked stunning and congratulations to the Taylor family and Ian Moore.

Kingsford Bridge

Residents will be pleased to see that the bridge has now been repaired. County Councillor Kevin Bentley has informed me that the culprit was caught and is liable for the costs.

Village Volunteers

Many thanks to our wonderful volunteers who continue to support the most vulnerable in the village by shopping, picking up prescriptions, posting letters and parcels, providing cash and setting up a buddy system. Now our Volunteers are making face-masks and any money raised is going to Colchester Zoo.

Other items

Thank you to all residents who completed the Housing Needs survey. We are waiting to receive the collated responses and will let you know the outcome as soon as we hear anything.

The recreation field is open, but please keep your distance from each other.


We have been having amazing weather but please remember NO fires should be lit in the woods. It’s even more dangerous now everything is getting so dry.

Finally, our Parish Clerk has resigned. So please in future ring either me or Ian Moore on 734267

Best wishes to you all.


Anne Hughes



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