Update – June 19th

The Parish Council has been alerted to the possibility of a solar farm being built on either side of Birch Road. One section on the left would curl round the Waterworks and stop at the back of Layer Hall. The other section would be on the right where potatoes are being grown. The third section would be down by Heckford Bridge. We believe the developer may submit a planning application later this summer. We have asked them a number of questions and I just hope I have got the answers correct:

  1. Screening: there would be 6ft high deer fencing (post and wire) round the site, set back from the edge of the fields by 5 metres.
  2. Screening: existing hedges would be filled in. New ones would be planted with native species.
  3. Trees: no existing trees would be felled and some new trees would be planted.
  4. The electric cable would feed into the grid at the UK Power substation in Abberton Road, on the way to Abberton out of the village. Unfortunately, it looks as if the cable would have to go under the road, all through the Village.
  5. Length of time for the site to be constructed would be 16 weeks. A traffic plan would be put in place.
  6. The Village will be leafletted. There will be a dedicated freephone, email address and website so that questions can be asked. Consultation will last 3 weeks.
  7. The Water Company has no serious concerns.
  8. Maintenance: wildflowers would be sown under the panels, and sheep may also graze.
  9. We have asked for a footpath along the North side of the Birch Road, which would eventually link up with the cycle path/footpath.

On a different topic, I am very saddened to hear of the vandalism going on Heatherfields: signs ripped off gates, graffiti on trees, and then our ever-present fear of fires. That would be such an awful disaster. If anyone has information about the perpetrators, please let us know.

I have written to the Police about the on-going saga of boy racers through the Village. They really are so selfish, and some I believe come from miles away and don’t care about the effect it has on so many.

The Parish Clerk has left, so please get in touch with me, or anyone else on the Parish Council if I can be of any help.

Anne Hughes

01206734168     email; mrsmushroom@keme.co.uk

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