4 July 2020.   Play Area on the Playing Field.


With lock down slowly easing, I would like to emphasise that it is still important that we continue to focus on the safe use of our Play Area.

It will be used at your own risk. Don’t forget it takes 72 hours for the Coronavirus to disappear from a surface.

I am well aware it has already been used and all the original notices torn off.

Your Parish Council does not have the facilities or the finance to supervise or clean the play area.

We would expect families to be responsible and to keep their distance from other users, in accordance with Government regulations.

No food should be consumed in the area.

All wipes should either be taken home or put in the bins.

Hands should be sanitised before and after using the equipment.

We have put up some fresh notices and it would be nice to think that users will take notice of them. Sorry to sound so stroppy, but I am concerned about the welfare of us all.

Anne Hughes

Chairman of the Parish Council

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