Parish Council Update 18th July 2020

This month we had another Zoom meeting and at long last I think we have all got the hang of it.

Richard Marriage is filling in as the Financial Officer and he was able to report that our accounts had been accepted by the auditor. It has been quite a task gathering all the information together.

As you can imagine there was much discussion about the speeding cars down Church Road. We are liaising with the Police and thank goodness it looks as if we might have a peaceful weekend at last.

Does anyone know who knocked into the post and upended the signs on Malting Green? Just another expense as we have to get the NO PARKING sign put back.

As promised in the newsletter this year, we are trying to tidy up the Cross area. There are many rotting posts and loose chains. At the moment we are applying for a grant from the Essex Association of Local Councils, which involves answering many questions. It would be enormously helpful if some of you could email or drop us a line to say how nice it would be to clean up this area and that you support the PC in their endeavours to tidy up what is becoming unsightly. Maggie Holmes is applying for the grant and her email address is

Hurrah to Linda Barrett-West who has been making face masks with some able helpers, and raised  £3,000 for the Zoo and hospice. It’s a wonderful effort, and a huge feat of organisation. Thank you.

VJ day, 75 years ago, will be remembered in a very low-key way at the Cross. I do feel we have a duty to remember those who consider themselves the forgotten army, who did so much and suffered so much for us.

 On the 15th August at 11.00 am the Last Post will be played at the Cross with a two minute silence.  “A Cry for Peace” will be read at 11.10 am.

 With Government guidelines about social distancing we have to very careful about numbers, spacing and crowd control. Please move, if asked to do so, and face coverings will need to be worn.

As you are probably aware, we have no Clerk for the Parish Council, so if anyone is interested, please get in touch with me. It is approximately 40 hours a month and paid. Please reply ASAP.

Anne Hughes



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