I am sorry so many of you have had a letter from Strutt and Parker about the proposed new development before I was able to warn you. My understanding was that the letters were not going to be delivered until next week.

Some of you may remember that this has been in the offing since 2015 when we first held a public meeting about it, but of course it is still a horrid shock that finally the proposed plans for the third phase of the estate are now being talked about. I say “third phase” because ever since the estate was built it had always been envisaged that this might eventually happen.

Please read all the information carefully before you make your comments. The Parish Council will be listening to what you say and will represent your views. Yes, we have met with the developers and Colchester Borough Council to make sure that there is some benefit to the Village in the event of planning permission being given. We have discussed the Village’s Social Housing needs and other benefits.

If you look at the Borough website I believe you can see that the field in question has been put in the proposed Local Plan, though that has not yet been adopted.

This planning application is not something we like any more than you do, but with all the house building that is going on, we have fought to ensure that the density is kept as low as possible.

Please be assured that the Parish Council will of course be representing the views of the Village.

Anne Hughes, Chairman



One thought on “Proposed New Development : September 2020.

  1. I have replied to Strutt and Parker, but why has the density increased by almost 50% from the original maximum figure of 53 dwellings quoted by Colchester Borough when the original proposals were tabled. Was the Parish Council consulted on this significant increase?


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