Parish Council Update 1 November 2020

I don’t know about you, but life feels pretty grim to me – just as there appeared to be a little normality in our lives, we are now in Tier 2 and this has so many ramifications on our life. Please look out for your neighbours, particularly those who are alone, elderly, and unwell. The Village Volunteers are still active, so if there is anyone in need or lonely, ring me on 734168.

The Cross

Good news: the Parish Council has been awarded a grant for repairing the posts and chains around the Cross Green. Maggie Holmes filled in numerous forms, and answered very patiently many questions, and with the help of your supportive letters we have been awarded £1,606. The project can now be completed.

The flower bed in the corner has been started. Sleepers have been put round, earth barrowed in, pansies have been planted and shrubs will be put at the back of the bed.

There was a near disaster the other night when a blue car drove into two post in front of the Cross. Luckily the Cross and display was not damaged. The posts have had to be removed, a terrible job and one so far is back in. It would be nice if whoever it was came and apologised and at least asked how much damage there was. Luckily for our Village, Ian Moore has taken on the job of making good the damage.

Remembrance Sunday 8th November.  10.50am

This years’ service will be taken by The Vicar Lydia Smith.

There will be a pared down service at the Cross, no singing.

Please remember to wear a mask, respond to the Marshalls, and social distance.


At last the pole at Malting Green has been removed. County Broadband are still due to come back and make repairs on the estate. If there is any area which you think should be repaired please let me know.


Richard Playle has now cut all the Parish Council hedges and I’m sure you’ll agree they look smart for winter.

Anne Hughes


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