Another Sheep Killed 9th February 2021

I have just been told that 3 sheep have been killed in the fields above the Mill, and some wounded.

In the last few days a woman who apparently came from Layer did not have her dog on a lead, and her dog killed one of the sheep and left some others wounded.

This is not only cruel to the sheep, which will have been frightened, but a massive loss to the farmer.

Did you realise this is a criminal offence ?

Once a dog has killed a sheep, it might have started as a game, but in no time the excitement of the chase proves too much for the dog.

Why wasn’t the dog on a lead?

The Countryside code says “All dogs on a foot path should be on a lead, or under effective control.”

I find this really upsetting, as we are also owners of some sheep, and having had a sheep killed by some dogs last summer, I know how traumatic it is for all concerned, and especially for the sheep, which will take some time to get over the experience.

Anne Hughes


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