Parish Council Meeting 14th June

As most of you are probably aware the Outline application for the 70 houses as an extension to the estate has now been submitted to the Borough.

This planning application has been much publicised over the last few years when people have been able to comment

You have every right to comment on this on the Borough plan and the reference numbers are 211392 and 211393.

The Parish Council has a meeting on the 14 June at 8pm in the Village Hall. Our agenda includes 30 minutes for public participation which we will be devoting to this planning application with an allocation of time of 3 minutes per person.

We have to abide by current Covid rules which means numbers will be restricted and this could result in not everyone being allowed to join the meeting.

We would therefore ask for all questions to be forwarded by email to the Parish Clerk at; at least 3 days before the meeting. This will enable us to research your question and where possible give you an answer should we be unable to accommodate everyone.

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