Attended Freighter, 10th July and 21st August

What they will take away:

  • small loads from domestic properties – use this service to dispose of bulky items not normally collected with household waste
  • garden waste to be composted

What they will not take away:

  • items that can be recycled
  • large loads, fridges, freezers or other electrical goods
  • hazardous waste such as asbestos, batteries, liquids or gas bottles
  • business waste

Parish Council Meeting 14th June

As most of you are probably aware the Outline application for the 70 houses as an extension to the estate has now been submitted to the Borough.

This planning application has been much publicised over the last few years when people have been able to comment

You have every right to comment on this on the Borough plan and the reference numbers are 211392 and 211393.

The Parish Council has a meeting on the 14 June at 8pm in the Village Hall. Our agenda includes 30 minutes for public participation which we will be devoting to this planning application with an allocation of time of 3 minutes per person.

We have to abide by current Covid rules which means numbers will be restricted and this could result in not everyone being allowed to join the meeting.

We would therefore ask for all questions to be forwarded by email to the Parish Clerk at; at least 3 days before the meeting. This will enable us to research your question and where possible give you an answer should we be unable to accommodate everyone.

Annual Meetings – change of date and venue

Please be advised that following the high court ruling on Friday 28th April 2021, it has been ruled that we must return to face to face meetings from 7th May 2021. To further complicate this matter it is also illegal to hold such meetings inside the village hall prior to 17th May 2021 in line with the government roadmap to easing restrictions.

Therefore the Annual Parish Meeting will now be moved to 7.30pm on 17th May 2021 to be held in the Village Hall, followed by the Annual General Meeting at 8pm.

Please be advised that the Zoom meeting previously scheduled for Monday 10th May 2021 at 8pm will still be held for the purpose of preparing for the return to face to face meetings and formal notification & agendas will shortly be circulated.


A rented property is becoming vacant at Millfields. All those on the Choice Based lettings register should keep an eye out for it becoming available.

Elections – 6th May

Colchester Borough Council are working to ensure all polling stations are covid safe for the elections on 6 May 2021. As an extra precautionary measure, you may want the convenience of a postal vote. Please click here for more information and to download a form.

Applications must be received by 5pm on Tuesday 20 April. Completed applications can be submitted either as a scanned copy emailed to or via post to Electoral Services, Rowan House, Sheepen Road, Colchester, CO3 3WG.

Another Sheep Killed 9th February 2021

I have just been told that 3 sheep have been killed in the fields above the Mill, and some wounded.

In the last few days a woman who apparently came from Layer did not have her dog on a lead, and her dog killed one of the sheep and left some others wounded.

This is not only cruel to the sheep, which will have been frightened, but a massive loss to the farmer.

Did you realise this is a criminal offence ?

Once a dog has killed a sheep, it might have started as a game, but in no time the excitement of the chase proves too much for the dog.

Why wasn’t the dog on a lead?

The Countryside code says “All dogs on a foot path should be on a lead, or under effective control.”

I find this really upsetting, as we are also owners of some sheep, and having had a sheep killed by some dogs last summer, I know how traumatic it is for all concerned, and especially for the sheep, which will take some time to get over the experience.

Anne Hughes


Parish Council Update 17th December

Happy Christmas to everyone.

Like you all, I just hope that next year is better than this and we can get back to some normality. The latest Government guidance is to be very careful about mixing with people this Christmas, but I do hope some of you will feel able to enjoy yourselves safely with a few of your family members. However, I am afraid there are many who will be on their own this year. Layer residents have shown themselves to be kind and helpful to their neighbours, so if you know anyone in need over Christmas, ring me or better still offer some help.

The County Council has some money available to help those who are struggling with day to day expenses. Get in touch with anyone on the Parish Council – my phone number is 734168. Of course this will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

  • Have you been made redundant?
  • Have you started your own business, and it’s not going quite as well as planned?
  • Have you missed out on Government Grants?

Get in touch.

The planning application for the Solar Panel Farm has now gone to the Borough for approval. If you wish to see it, look at the Planning section on the Colchester Borough Council web site:

The number for the application is 202695.

Best wishes to you all for 2021.

Anne Hughes


Parish Council Update 27th November

After the gloom of being locked up again, at least next week things should be a little better.

Bradley Ives will be working in the woods at Heatherfields from Monday 30th November, cutting rotten branches and making paths safer. Please keep away from where he is working.

Just to remind you, the Parish Council rents Heatherfields for the benefit of the Village. A stipulation of the lease is there should no wood cut or taken away. The whole wood is covered by a TPO.

Also there should be no fires and no cycling.

The Folley is closed from November 30 for three days for work being done by BT.

I hope you have all seen how smart the Cross is with its new fence and flower bed. Thank you to all who had a hand in this project. Something to be proud of.

Anne Hughes

Remembrance Day Service Reinstated

Dear Everyone

I wrote to you all on Monday to say that all Remembrance Sunday Services had been cancelled.     The Government has now said Remembrance Services may be held in a shortened form.

We will be holding a very pared down Service at the Cross on Sunday, at 10.50 am. I am so glad that we will be honouring those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

If you feel safe enough to come, please keep your distance from each other, wear a mask, and comply with instructions from the Marshalls. It is vitally important that we do this, as we don’t want to put any one needlessly at risk.

I am so sorry that you have had conflicting advice.


On a totally different subject, I have been told that the workmen will be back on the 18 November and will repair any damage that has been caused.

Please let me know any area which needs looking at, and then I can forward the list to them.

Anne Hughes                    734168